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A company worth trusting for buying Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Hardwood Mr Grade Plywood and Doors as we are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


In the modern world where people like everything modular, convenient and attractive, companies who manufacture goods keeps their choice limited and using the limited choice of material they produce what customers like the most. In the field of furniture, plywood is a major choice and needless to say furniture making companies limit themselves to this material, which is synonymous to perfection in manufacturing tables, beds and other pieces of furniture. Giving furniture designing companies a reason to maintain lifelong relation with clients by providing to them choosiest of all plywoods is Pushp Industries Pvt. Ltd. We are a Mohali based manufacturer and trader, bringing to the market Hardwood Plywood, Hardwood Mr Grade Plywood, Popular Mr Grade Plywood, Marine Plywood, Popular BWR Grade Plywood, Alternate BWP Grade Plywood and other types of plywood. We provide all the aforesaid plywood in asked quantities and many dimensions. Apart from dealing in plywood, we also make available different designs of Flush Doors. Both the category of our items are A1 in quality and very reasonably charged.

Our Aim

'To always be known as quality makers and to always care about customers convenience because these two paves way for the company to have a successful future'.

A Name Trusted By Furniture Makers

Pushp Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a name that all furniture makers, majorly in Mohali and nearby regions of Punjab know, appreciate and lay their faith upon because of the quality Mr Grade Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Hardwood Mr Grade Plywood, Marine Plywood, Block Board BWR Grade and other plywood it supplies. The foundation year of the company that is 2012 suggests that not many years have passed since we came into being but in this short time span we have truly emerged as a leader in the industry.

Our Strengths
  • Workforce- The number of people currently working at our company is 10. We do not feel any less man-powered because our 10 employees handle the work of double this number. Our people have required skill and experience which is why we have remained customers favorite since the incorporation.
  • Manufacturing Setup- We have a modern facility for production of Marine Plywood, Mr Grade Plywood, Block Board BWR Grade and other items. Our facility is fitted with modern machinery and this machinery helps us in meeting requirements for bulk orders.
  • Approaches- We approach to all customers in a modern way, so that good relations are maintained with them.
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